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Ho Ho Holiday Workout!

Holidays are here and that means…time to take part of the fun Holiday Sweat Challenge with Sweat Guru and Run to the Finish! How can we not take part of a such a fun 6 week Challenge! It coincides with our 12 Days of Christmas, and that makes the Holiday Sweat Challenge EVEN BETTER! Are you ready? BE READY for this challenging Holiday Inspired Workout!

Ho HO Holiday Workout!

Set Interval Timer to :40 Work, :10 Seconds rest x 6 Cycles. Repeat the 7 different Rounds.

Total Time = 36:52.

If you have less time, set timer for :30 Work, :10 Rest x 6 Cycles for 7 Rounds.

Total Time = 29:52.

Each Round you alternate between Exercise 1 and Exercise 2 for 6 cycles = Each exercise is done 3x.

Are you excited??

Video for Part 1:

Round 1:

Exercise 1.Downhill Ski Jumps

Exercise 2: Star Jumps

Round 2:

Exercise 1: 5 Point Lunge

Exercise 2: Speed Skaters

Round 3:

Exercise 1: Shoulder Push Ups

Exercise 2: Sneaky Santa Crawl

Video for Part 2

Round 4: 

Exercise 1: Burpees to reach Star on top of Tree with Star Jacks

Exercise 2: Snow Jump Boulders with Low Elves Tuck

Round 5: 

Exercise 1:Reindeer Kicks -5 Left, 5 Right, 5 Together

Exercise 2: Jumping Jacks

Round 6:

Exercise 1: Mountain Climbers

Exercise 2: Steady Planks

Round 7:

Exercise 1: Plank with Hip Rotation

Exercise 2: Thread the Needle – repeat between 5 Left and 5 Right

Have a fun time! Grab your best friend and ask him/her to do the workout with you and make a habit to stay fit and active for a lifetime. Make sure to shift the exercises as your body deems fit. Each body is different. Challenge yourselves, but make sure you are also listening to your body and what it needs.

How are you active during the Holiday Season? What do you do, in addition to the Ho HO Holiday workout? Make sure to register for the Holiday Sweat Challenge and #HolidaySweat! 

Dig Deep. Play HARD!

xo EKS