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We live in a RAINBOW of Chaos

Since late October, the blog has been a bit quiet in comparison to the 2013 and 2014 years. It has been a struggle to find time and sit down and write, and if I found a window, the words of training and life were stuck. Literally stuck to the roof of my mouth like peanut butter. My blog posts and writing went from regular each week to 2-3x/month. So sorry, but it is how my life has been rolling lately.

Why of why? Because it has been wonderful but hard. The last two weeks shining bright in that tone too.

Are we all loved- yes.

Are we all clothed with a roof over our head- yes.

Are we all upright right now-question of each day!!

Right now that is the struggle. It’s the struggle that has been just pulling my Mom heart, my trainer heart, my CEO heart. Here’s the latest – our lone soldier came home from work Wednesday down for the count and I go back to Children’s Hospital for a GI lab for Finnie. This last weekend I got the stomach flu on Saturday, Bug on Sunday, E on Monday. We thought our trusty Gaylord Focker, who was taking such good care of us, was spared. Now…we all got the stomach flu on a weekend I was looking forward to after a week that I prayed daily to keep my head above water. Why? Last Sunday, now 12 days ago Finnie got sick again. Rushed to the ER at Children’s Hospital sick – almost 104 fever, hacking sounding like barking seal and vomiting. Her little body was so sad. We didn’t know what the heck was going on.

Home at 6:30 am Tuesday morning, Finnie’s lungs were suctioned, her fever brought down a bit, no medication prescribed. Go another 48 hours, back at our pediatrician with a really lethargic and randomly vomiting Finnie, hacking up a storm. Finally a diagnosis of Sinus Infection…but why all the vomiting?!? “Will this end? Our poor baby is fine, but then will just projectile vomit like she’s auditioning for National Lampoon’s College Vacation! After she cries for a minute, get’s cleaned up and snuggled she’ll go back to her smily Finnie self. That is not normal for a 12 month old. Her weight that we finally got to 7% on the chart is now back down again…” This went on back forth, our pediatrician progressive and great trying to figure out our Fin.

But oh man Jack and I – striving to make it on 3-4 hours sleep each night. Me to rise and shine with good energy because it is my job. I LOVE what I do, but sometimes the chaos of life makes me want to just do nothing but just run and run and run some more. So often on those days, I do. The crazy week of sickness included the Founders from Ryte coming for our first Ryte Day I put together in one week, crossing fingers it would go fine. If not, I did what I could, right? That with a new Session of Boot Camp started, my new Ryte Business, running the Dig Deep. Play HARD! Clean Eating and Empowered Challenge, the Mom to Mom Mastermind I am part of – an incredible 6 month intense course- started, Jack started his Masters Degree through University of Texas, kids have Girl Scout meetings, obligations and so much more.


Happy girl at the doctor’s yet again! 1-22-15

HOWEVER, this is after the month of November…Finnie and and out of Children’s Hospital Oakland off and on all month- attempting to find answers then. Never an answer but “virus on virus” after every lab, blood draw, fluids, x-rays, GI labs and other tests I can’t even remember now. Then December, she got a horrible cold crud- up every night coughing 1-3 hours. Literally every…night. She’d wake happy as can be, so cute and silly. I was running on natural energy and honestly, the appreciation for my Ryte Spark. Holidays, planning, fun, birthdays, events. All while running a business and realizing that many things need to happen.

So things got put off. I was ok. Thought I could do catch up in January (ha ha!). Managed what I could each day to keep each girl happy and laughing, feeling strong, family silly dance parties, little traditions of loving sunset walks without worry of things that need to happen. Focused on getting through mini goals, get my workouts on, not worry about laundry (outside of crazy sick-kid vomit weeks when it has been 4x/day!!), enjoy the little nuggets of FUN and decide January is when I would be able to tackle it all… with healthy kids and a fresh start to get back to me and my #39adventures!

Then…..the last two weeks. But now with more responsibilities of Jack and I tackling bit goals- um Lifecoach Mastermind &  Masters Program?!

So that is it- I have goals for the blog. I have BIG goals to write, but my kids will always come first without any bit of guilt. We WILL get to the bottom of Finnie’s crazy medical challenges, all with smiles as BIG as hers!!! We know to just go for LOOOOOOOOOOONG runs on tired legs, even when it feels to much. It is my world or “RAINBOW Chaos” that is nuts, but mine. It is hard at times, right, it’s chaos. With our background of knowing what really hard hospital times are, we know this is just trying and pushing our ENTIRE FAMILY of 5 rockstars to be even better communicators, supporters, team players, builders, growers, doers and keep getting out of our comfort zones while we make it through these silly chaotic days. We are this Rainbow – it’s our

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